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Here at Living Designs Landscaping, we love to design and implement beautiful landscapes & gardens all around Charleston. Over the years we have installed thousands of plants on dozens of properties to create places of peace, reflection, and relaxation. Below are a few of our favorite residences that we wanted to share.

This lovely Isle of Palms home features a sunny open yard with plenty of palm trees and a winding brick pathway that can be viewed from the raised pool attatched to the house.

This landscape installed in Mt. Pleasant has a calming shaded sideyard with a bench where you can sit and visit with nature.

These planters keep this porch colorful all season long! They were hand planted by one of our designers with the existing landscape in mind.

This West Ashley home is a great example of what we can do with an existing landscape. An old plant bed was refurbished, greenery was planted or pruned, and a bench was added to act as a focal point for the front yard.

The greenspaces in this Kiawah home make for great places to have outdoor fun and relaxation.